February 6th 2017 / The Latin American response to Trump’s America

On Monday of Hilary term Week 4, we co-hosted a panel on Latin American politics and the newly-elected Trump administration.

Latin American countries are facing a new challenge from their northern neighbour. Promising to build walls, to dismantle trade agreements, to impose tariffs and more, Donald J. Trump’s presidency is turning the political landscape upside down. Mexico, Central America and Puerto Rico are already witnessing the effects of his mandate within one week of beginning. How should these countries respond to this hostile behaviour? How can they also make the best out of it?

In this panel, Oxford academics tackled the questions above while aiming to demystify and give insight on many of the must burning issues Latin America is currently facing with respect to the US, from the Latin American perspective.

Confirmed panellists include:

1. Dr. Halbert Jones, director of the Rothermere American Institure

2. Prof. Laurence Whitehead, Senior Research Fellow in Politics

3. Joaquín Villalobos, Salvadoran politican and former guerrilla leader and St. Antony’s fellow