Oxford Alumni Association in Mexico




Dear all,
It’s that time of the year again – congratulations for making it here!
If you are leaving Oxford this summer, we are sorry to see you go! However, you can still keep in touch with your Oxford peers, and other Mexicans that have now graduated, thanks to the Mexican Alumni Association.
If you are graduating this summer or later this year, please make sure to subscribe to their database here: http ://oxfordalumnimexico . blogspot . co . uk/p/newsletter . html . This is a great means to keep track of all the Oxford events that happen in Mexico, and also to build a network of people that have been here in previous years too.
All best wishes for this end of academic year, and much success in whatever follows (even if it’s another academic year for some 🙂 )

In Mexico tOxford-Alumni-Network-Mexicohere more than 400 Mexican Oxford alumni, as well as a large group of international Oxford alumni based in Mexico City and other cities in the country. Through our work, we wish to engage and inspire Oxford alumni to stay connected to their alma mater and support us in our goal to send more Mexicans to Oxford every year.