Fostering academic and cultural links between Mexico and Oxford.

About us

At the Oxford Mexican Society, we want to bring together all those students, academcs and professionals in Oxford who have an interest in Mexico. We are building a network that goes beyond Oxford and includes people at other universities and companies in the UK, Mexico, and the rest of the world.
Building stronger ties between Oxford and Mexico.

Our main goals:
• To promote Mexican culture and heritage among the Oxford community.
• To foster collaboration between our members and alumni and to help build connections with other academic and professional organisations.
• To highlight our members' work and research, and to support academic excellence and the open exchange of ideas.
• To provide support for all Mexicans living around the Oxford area, an to hold regular social gatherings and academic events.
• To support, mentor and advise other Mexicans considering coming to Oxford.

  • Oxford is ranked #1 in the world

    (Times Higher Education World Univeristy Rankings 2018)

  • 44 Different Halls and Colleges

    Constitute the University of Oxford

  • 26 Nobel Prize Winners

    Have graduated from Oxford.

  • 66 Mexicans affiliated to the University

    3 undergraduates, 61 graduates and 2 faculty members as of December 2016

Our Team

Committee 2016-2017
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Marcela Mendoza Suárez

Marcela is from Chihuahua. She has a BSc in Biotechnology Engineering and an MSc in Environmental Science at Tecnológico de Monterrey. Now a DPhil student at Balliol College, her research focuses on improving biofertilisers for crops such as beans and peas.
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César Espinoza Campuzano

Cesar is as a third-year DPhil candidate in Earth Sciences and member of St Hugh’s College. He is a BSc in Biology by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, and an MSc in Palaeobiology from the University of Bristol. He likes to CT-scan stuff, bird watching, metal music, films, etc.
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Diana Jiménez Thomas

Diana is originally from Mexico City, but read for a degree in International Relations at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey. At present, she is enrolled in the MPhil in Development Studies. She is a passionate of ecofeminism, dancing and desserts.
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Yayoi Teramoto Kimura

Social and Cultural Officer
Yayoi is from Mexico City. She is doing a DPhil in Computational Neuroscience, and studies how connections in the brain get set up. She loves museums, dancing, music and learning new languages!
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Bernardo Pérez Orozco

IT Officer
Bernardo comes from the City of León, México. A member of Balliol College, he is now pursuing a DPhil in Machine Learning after obtaining a MSc in Computer Science last year. He is a passionate of artificial intelligence, mathematics and foreign languages.
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Max Nathanson

Public Relations Officer
Max comes from Boulder, Colorado. He is currently reading for an MPhil in Development Studies as a member of Green Templeton College. His research interests lie in the realization of environmental sustainability and social inclusion through the development of urban infrastructure.
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Irma Ruth Maldonado

Academic Officer
Irma is a Mexican student in her final year of her B.A. in Modern Languages (French) at St. Hilda’s College. As her degree testifies, she is passionate about language learning, literature and learning about different cultures. She also enjoys a good game of basketball.

We are the official Mexican Society at the University of Oxford

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